In April 2014, a group of female general counsels and law firm partners in Mexico City started to gather around the issue of representation of women in leadership positions. Together, we believed in the value of creating a platform to empower female attorneys in Mexico because the stats just don’t make any sense, the majority of law school graduates are women, but later in life and at the top of the ranks, it´s not the case.

Through the Abogadas MX project we are making an impact in our worlds, in our own organizations, in our law firms, in our companies, one person at a time, starting with our pilot mentoring program for 20 mentees. So yes, we are just getting started!


“There is clearly an issue of women in positions of leadership in Mexico as there are very few at the top. So we started getting together and asking, what can we do. We started brainstorming different ideas and through working with the Vance Center, an initiative with both a pro bono and women’s focus naturally arose.”

The most rewarding aspect of the work we’re doing through this Abogadas MX project in Mexico is this collaboration among companies and law firms. We are all working together to find a common ground to share best practices and propose potential solutions to address this gap, a collaboration that I find very cool and admirable.

We are jointly imagining a world in which law firms compete for talent based on their diversity & inclusion practices. A world in which women are not stigmatized for going on maternity leave or partially working from home. A world in which both men and women can work part time or take family leaves of absence without negatively impacting their professional advancement. A world in which differences are valued and respected. A world in which we stop making excuses, and start taking action. Having said that, we really need more men to advocate for a change. We do not intend to do this on our own ? and we cannot – so believe me, we need you to be our advocates and collaborate with us in this process. Please invite all Mexican female attorneys that you know to join our LinkedIn group “Abogadas MX – Red de Liderazgo y Desarrollo Profesional”.

Through this member-only group, we will be able to share udpates on our NGO, upcoming events and workshops, as well as opportunities for mentorship in Mexico.